Science for Society 1.0

The Project

The Science for Society project was aimed at solving one of the most important challenges which the Scandinavian countries face today – the challenge of creating growth and long term prosperity in light of increasing global competition. This can be achieved by knowledge-based innovation and by bringing academic research and knowledge into society in the form of new and innovative solutions to Societies’ major challenges.

The target groups of this project are PhD-students and postdocs, who traditionally have been underexposed to entrepreneurial traditions and thinking. This joint project proposal is the first of its kind in the Nordic region, and it is the cooperation between Sweden, Denmark and Norway that will give PhD-students in Scandinavia the necessary tools and knowledge of entrepreneurship which will enable them to commercialize the results of their research and to work with entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship in society.

The project will also create important networks between the next generation of researchers, entrepreneurs and business leaders across Scandinavia which will be an important factor when building the welfare of tomorrow in the region. By joining some of the largest universities in Scandinavia in a close partnership, we stand stronger in fulfilling the goal of meeting future needs for increased growth in the region, increase employability of the PhD-students, and commercialization from research. This strong partnership will also be able to attract international and local collaborators, which will strengthen the program, create long lasting effects and synergies in the region. Five work packages, WP1 to WP5, will facilitate the sharing of an entrepreneurial journey from A to Z, with the objective of creating entrepreneurial researchers.

Each WP comprises a set of activities aimed at achieving a certain goal.

  • WP1, entitled Awareness, is aimed at inspiring and introducing the PhD-students to the subject of entrepreneurship through a series of inspiring workshops, seminars and lectures.
  • WP2, entitled Competence, is aimed at PhD-students that want learn more about the entrepreneurial methods, and a Scandinavian university course, with lecturers from all members in the partnership, will be offered.
  • WP3, entitled Realization, is aimed at PhD-students with a business idea that they want to go forward with and realize. A series of activities, mentorship meetings and pre-seed funding workshops will help the PhD-students to connect with other partner organisations and industry outside of the university.
  • WP4, entitled Communication, is aimed at building an interactive learning platform and a community to facilitate documentation, knowledge spreading and interaction. There will also be activities such as PhD meetups, teach-the-teacher and a yearly PhD-conference to ensure the exchange of knowledge and the further development of the project.
  • WP5, entitled Evaluation, is aimed at creating a platform for the gathering and evaluation of information about the different activities in the work packages in order to improve and learn about their effectiveness and shortcomings. The project will in this way develop a best practice database in a field where there has not previously been one in Scandinavia.

The project strongly opposes any type of discrimination and are striving towards offering equal possibilities to attend the activities regardless of research field, nationality, religion or gender. To make the activities as accessible as possible the main language will be English. There will also be special activities focusing on the Scandinavian culture and labor market to further promote the understanding of the Scandinavian society. Since females are generally underrepresented when it comes to attending entrepreneurial activities, special attention will be given to try to equalize any gender differences in the projects activities as much as possible. We will also host a value creation-meetup solely for women to boost their networks.


The outcomes of SfS 1.0 are…..