About the project

The project Science for Society 2.0 (SfS 2.0) is a continuation, further development and scaling of the Science for Society project (SfS 1.0).

The goal of the project is to create increased growth, innovation and value in the ØKS (Øresund/Kattegat/Skagerrak) region, by putting more research into use.

This goal will be achieved by cultivating and facilitating a strong innovation ecosystem between the business community, research and educational institutions in order to train researchers in entrepreneurship and to form the basis for a research incubation environment.

Special focus

SfS 2.0 addresses a need in society for greater competitiveness and the creation of knowledge-based and technology-intensive businesses and employment within these fields.

In particular, SfS 2.0 will focus on engaging the Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA) in creating impact and knowledge exchange with society as well as commercialisation, since there is untapped potential for growth and value creation within these fields.

Stronger ecosystem

The project’s results will be a stronger ecosystem within innovation in the ØKS region, and more research brought to use in society; a knowledge base for the creation of research incubators; the elimination of gender based differences between women and men who engage in entrepreneurship and the use of research; researchers who have acquired personal competences to create commercialisation and impact; and more teachers and researchers who are trained in the methods and tools from SfS 2.0.

In the long term, this will strengthen the creation of research-based growth, innovation and value in the ØKS region.

Lead Partner Science for Society 2.0: Aarhus University

Partners in Science for Society 2.0:
Aalborg University, Lund University, LU Holding AB, Ideon Innovation & MINC.