Materials and tools for researchers and facilitators

The tools have been developed, tested and utilized in Science for Society.

As a researcher you can use them for getting insights and interest for the entrepreneurial mindset, and get specific competences to commercialise or create societal impact with your research.

As a facilitator you can use the tools to create single workshops about the entrepreneurial mindset for junior researchers or you can create longer training processes.

Each tool have a “how to”-guide. You can use the tools as in a step-by step-training process or select the ones that you find interest in.

Impact study at Lund University

The results from an Impact study conducted at Lund University in spring 2020.

Interview with an entrepreneur: Scientific EdTech

Scientific EdTech is a research based start up with the vision to deliver the optimal digital learning tool for teaching basic math to 7-15 year old children across the world. Based on his research at Lund University, Martin Hassler Hallstedt founded Scientific EdTech with the help from LU Holding. Today they have their base at Ideon Innovation, and in the video Martin tells about the journey from academia to business.