Science for Society 1.0

The Science for Society project was aimed at solving one of the most important challenges which the Scandinavian countries face today – the challenge of creating growth and long term prosperity in light of increasing global competition. This can be achieved by knowledge-based innovation and by bringing academic research and knowledge into society in the form of new and innovative solutions to Societies’ major challenges.

The target groups of this project were PhD-students and postdocs, who traditionally have been underexposed to entrepreneurial traditions and thinking. This joint project proposal was the first of its kind in the Nordic region, and it is the cooperation between Sweden, Denmark and Norway that gave PhD-students in Scandinavia the necessary tools and knowledge of entrepreneurship which will enable them to commercialize the results of their research and to work with entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship in society.

The project also created important networks between the next generation of researchers, entrepreneurs and business leaders across Scandinavia which will be an important factor when building the welfare of tomorrow in the region. By joining some of the largest universities in Scandinavia in a close partnership, we stand stronger in fulfilling the goal of meeting future needs for increased growth in the region, increase employability of the PhD-students, and commercialization from research.